MOST, WB, Australian Embassy in Vietnam: Launch of Science, Technology and Innovation reports


This hybrid event was co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Australian Embassy in Vietnam, and the World Bank (WB) this morning, 3rd November.

Three reports announced are:
1. Vietnam: Science, Technology and Innovation Report 2020
2. Vietnam’s Technological change – how technology is contributing to productivity and economic growth
3. The Innovation Imperative for Developing East Asia

The first report was conducted under the cooperation between MOST and WB, financially supported by the Australia – World Bank Group Strategic Partnership in Vietnam – Phase 2. The second report was a joint project between MOST and Australia’s digital research network Data61 under the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) within the framework of the Aus4Innovation program. The third report was developed by WB. All three reports were published in 2021.
According to Deputy Minister of MOST, Bùi Thế Duy, the reports show an objective, honest picture of the strengths and weaknesses and point out some problems in innovation, particularly the imbalance between the development of knowledge creation and the adsorption (of created knowledge) of enterprises in Vietnam. It requires a long-term investment in science, technology, and innovation (STI), which will create momentum for enterprises to innovate.

This event was live-streamed and can be rewatched under the following links:
– In English language:
YouTube: Launching event of Science, Technology and Innovation Reports at
– In Vietnamese language:
facebook: Lễ công bố các Báo cáo Khoa học Công nghệ và Đổi mới Sáng tạo at

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