MPI: Prepare to submit National Strategy on Green Growth for 2021 – 2030


The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is developing the National Strategy on Green Growth from 2021 to 2030, vision 2045. The strategy inherits the previous National Strategy on Green Growth for 2012 – 2020 period with refinement of methodology and orientation towards a carbon-neutral economy. The green growth scenarios for the overall economy and priority sectors are constructed by combining economic models and sector models, focusing on cost–benefit analysis and socio-economic impact assessment, ensuring the synchronization and conformation with targets of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Paris agreement on Greenhouse Gases emissions.

The strategy is scheduled to be submitted to Prime Minister in June 2021 for approval.

Source & further information: “Sắp trình Thủ tướng Chiến lược quốc gia mới về tăng trưởng xanh” at, accessed on 30 Mar 2021