National climate change strategy to 2050 approved


On July 26, 2022, the National Strategy on Climate Change for the period until 2050 was issued by Government Decision No. 896/QD-TTg. The strategy has an overall goal of proactively adapting to the impacts of climate change, limiting vulnerability to climate change and the loss and damage it causes, reducing emissions toward net zero emissions by 2050; and at the same time exploiting the challenges and opportunities that arise in adapting to climate change to restructure the economy and improve its competitiveness and resilience. Precise targets are set for the respective time periods until 2030 and until 2050.

For active adaptation to climate change, the strategy sets the task of improving the resilience and adaptability of natural, economic and social systems and ensuring sustainable livelihoods, such as effective water and land management, prevention of decline, degradation and recovery of natural resources; development of smart, modern agriculture; effective management and protection of existing natural forests and development of infrastructure adapted to climate change.

The solutions to reduce losses and damages from natural disasters and increasing climate extremes consist of improving and modernizing the network of climate change monitoring and hydrometeorological monitoring, such as earthquakes, tsunami, specialized disaster monitoring, especially for storms, rain, floods, flash floods, landslides, bank and coastal erosion, and the technology of forecasting, warning of weather, natural disasters, etc., through investment promotion.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, efforts are made to reduce methane emissions by 30% compared to 2020. In addition to measures such as developing an action plan for emission reduction, inventory of greenhouse gas emission, determination of total greenhouse gas emission quota and its allocation, etc., the strategy has prescribed very specific tasks of each economic sector in mandatory emission reduction. By 2050, it is necessary to ensure that the total national GHG emissions reach the “zero” level.

Vietnamese version of the strategy can be found here.

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