National environmental protection strategy by 2030, vision 2050 released


The strategy was signed off yesterday (13th April) by Deputy Prime Minister Lê Văn Thành in decision 450/QĐ-TTg.


The overall aim of the strategy by 2030 is to prevent the increasing pollution trend and environment degradation; solve urgent environmental issues; and gradually improve and restore environmental quality; prevent biodiversity decline; increase capacities in climate change response in an active manner; ensure environmental security; develop models of circular economy, green economy, low carbon; strive to achieve the country’s 2030 sustainable development goals.

Vision to 2050 includes having a good quality of the environment, ensuring the people’s right to live in a clean and safe environment; biodiversity is preserved and conserved and ecological balance is ensured; proactively responding to climate change; society is in harmony with nature, a circular economy, green and low-carbon economy is formed and developed, towards the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.


(1) Renovating thinking of all levels and sectors; raising awareness and environmental protection consciousness of businesses, communities, and people
(2) Continuing to perfect policies and laws on environmental protection in line with market economy institutions
(3) Completing organizational structure, speeding up the reform of administrative procedures in environmental protection
(4) Strengthening enforcement of policies and laws on environmental protection
(5) Mobilizing investment from the society, gradually increasing budget expenditure, improving efficiency in using resources on environmental protection
(6) Strongly applying science and technology, promoting innovation and digital transformation; building technical infrastructure, monitoring network, and environmental database
(7) Promote international cooperation on environmental protection in the context of comprehensive economic integration

Key programs, plans, and projects

(1) Program of communication, awareness-raising, and innovation of thinking on response to climate change, resource management, and environmental protection
(2) National science and technology program on environmental protection, resource management, and response to climate change
(3) Program to strengthen environmental monitoring capacity up to 2030
(4) National plan on air environment quality management
(5) Project on capacity building for domestic solid waste management in Vietnam
(6) Program on investment and renovation of water drainage systems and daily-life wastewater treatment works in urban areas of grade V or higher
(7) Develop a plan to manage surface water quality for inter-provincial rivers and lakes, which play an important role in socio-economic development and environmental protection in each period
(8) Project on environmental pollution treatment of craft villages by 2030
(9) Plan to treat, renovate and restore areas with particularly serious soil environment pollution
(10) Program on environmental protection in agricultural production to 2030
(11) Program on environmental protection of natural heritages
(12) Program to restore degraded natural ecosystems by 2030

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