National State of Environment Report 2019 on Solid Waste released


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) has recently released the annual report on National State of Environment in 2019 with a focus on municipal solid waste management. According to the report, the solid waste generation in 2019 has significantly increased by 46% compared to 2010. The daily waste generation in Vietnam is nearly 65.000 tons in 2019. Specifically, the urban area accounts for 55% of total solid waste corresponding to 35.624 tons/day, while the rural area generated 28.394 tons/day. Hồ Chí Minh city is the largest generator of 9.400 tons/day, followed by Hà Nội with 6.500 tons/day. The collection rates are 92% and 66% for urban and rural areas, respectively. Currently, Vietnam has 1.322 waste treatment facilities including 381 incinerators, 37 composting plants, 904 landfills (only 20% is categorized as sanitary landfills) treating 13%, 16%, and 71% of collected solid waste.

Source & further information: “Rác thải xâm lấn môi trường sống” at, accessed on 09 Dec 2020.
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