New decision on use and management of supplies and equipment for disaster prevention and control


Prime Minister issued Decision 20/2021/QĐ-TTg on 3rd June 2021 on the list and regulations on the use and management of specialized supplies, vehicles, and equipment for disaster prevention and control.  Accordingly, the list includes the following:

– Vehicles: (1) surveillance and analysis of disaster situations: vehicles mounted with equipment, (2) administration and assurance of safety on the scene: dedicated commanding vehicles, (3) information and communications activities: mobile communication vehicles, special-purpose communication motor vehicles

– Equipment: (1) surveillance and analysis of disaster situations, e.g., earthquake and tsunami warning systems, flash flood and landslide early warning systems, experimentation and simulation systems for disaster situations, handheld wind, salinity and temperature gauging devices; (2) administration and management activities at offices, e.g., satellite-based cloud imaging; specialized software and databases, systems for online communications, large capacity generators, servers for information storage, desktop computer, laptop, satellite phones, monitors, etc. (3) administration and assurance of safety on the scene, e.g., drones, multi-function saws, echo sounders, satellite locators and compasses, water purification equipment, medical equipment, life jackets, specialized robot, waterproof handheld transceivers, dedicated satellite phones, disaster alerting guns, specialized binoculars, specialized cameras and camcorders, laptops, specialized portable WiFi transmitters, etc.

– Supplies: (1) specialized kits for field workers, (2) specialized rope ladders for movement, (3) special-use freshwater storage bags, (4) supplies specially used for response to dyke or dam emergencies

This decision will be enforced on 20th July 2021.

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