New environmental regulations enforced in November


These regulations will take effect on 30th November 2021 including:

1. Amending regulation on registration for the first-time wild animal farming at establishments
Decree No. 84/2021/NĐ-CP on amending and supplementing Decree No. 06/2019/NĐ-CP on the management of rare and precious forest plants and animals and implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

2. Supervising extraction and use of water resources
Circular No. 17/2021/TT-BTNMT on supervision of extraction and use of water resources was released on 14th October 2021. The supervision is implemented through monitored data on water resources. The data can be taken from automatic or online monitoring, periodic monitoring, and surveillance by camera. More specifically, reservoirs with capacities of a minimum of one million cubic meters will be supervised by automatic, online monitoring for parameters of water level, discharge flow ensuring minimum flow, discharge flow through water work, and discharge flow through the overflow. The monitoring network infrastructure must ensure safety, confidentiality, stable operation, and meet requirements of connection, data transmission, and data update and sharing.

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Source & further information: “Những quy định mới về tài nguyên môi trường có hiệu lực trong tháng 11” at, accessed on 5 November 2021.