New features of revised Law on Environmental Protection 2020


The revised Environmental Protection 2020, which was approved on 17th November 2020 and takes effect from 1st January this year, has the following updates:

(1) For the first time, the residential community is recognized as a subject in environmental protection.
(2) Strictly controlling projects which pose negative environmental impacts and reducing administrative procedures.
Environmental health content is regulated, supplementing various solutions to protect environmental components.
Promoting waste separation at source, contributing to enhancing the circular economy in Vietnam.
For the first time, the State management authority is based on the principle of comprehensive and unified management. One task is assigned to one responsible institution.
For the first time, specific regulations on the environmental audit are prescribed.
Detailing regulations on climate change response, promoting domestic carbon market.
Completing legal corridor for heritage protection in compliance with international laws on heritage.
Establishing policies to develop sustainable economic growth models, restore, and develop natural capitals (natural resources, energy, ecosystem services). 

Source & further information: “Những sự kiện về môi trường tiêu biểu năm 2021” at, accessed on 4 January 2022.