New publication on Mekong Delta’s water and climate adaptation


The Global Center on Adaptation published a summary report on “Living with water: climate adaptation in the world’s deltas” in January 2021. The Mekong Delta of Vietnam is referred to as one of the case studies, entitled “Working with nature in the Mekong Delta”. More specifically, the report depicts climate change and economic development as well as analyzes the consequences of the “rice first” policy in the past, which changed the view of flooding from blessing to threat in the Mekong Delta. It also supports and highlights the change towards nature-based solutions for the Mekong Delta in the governmental Resolution 120 on sustainable and climate-resilient development of the Mekong Delta, which was enforced in 2017.
Sources and further information: “Living with water: climate adaptation in the world’s deltas” at, accessed on 5 Mar 2021