Press in Vietnam

Here you will find an overview of current newspaper articles in the Vietnamese press on the subjects of sustainability, environmental protection, climate change, biodiversity and urban development.

Vietnam will plant 1 billion trees between 2021 – 2025

5 April, 2021

NDC implementation: measures to reduce GHG emissions from rice sector in Vietnam

2 April, 2021

Good model in Hội An: Residents utilize organic waste to produce compost and detergent

2 April, 2021

Vietnam to establish a retail coalition on reduction of single-use plastic bags

1 April, 2021

International cooperation on water resources management plays an important role

1 April, 2021

Highlights on the newly approved master plan on basic investigation on water resources till 2030

31 March, 2021

MPI: Prepare to submit National Strategy on Green Growth for 2021 – 2030

30 March, 2021

Unmanaged bulky waste in big cities

29 March, 2021

Development of Vietnamese urban on adaptation to climate change

29 March, 2021

EU Industry Week 2021: Vietnam and its ASEAN neighbors should promote green manufacturing technologies

26 March, 2021