Nghệ An: residents lack clean water, commune’s water supply plant abandoned


The water supply plant is located in Hưng Thông commune, Hưng Nguyên district, expected to serve more than 1,300 households (approximate 5,000 inhabitants). The plant was invested by the district with funding of 25.8 billion VNĐ with a capacity of 1,000 m3/day. It was constructed in 2014 and completed in 2018, however, since then it has not operated.

The major reason for not operating is the lack of raw water, says the leader of the project management board of the district. The original plan was to use raw water from the nearby canal. However, due to climate change, the water level of this canal has been dramatically low, resulting in insufficient water for this water supply plant. Therefore, it has to find another water source, and the local authority supposes that it is costly to install the new pine lines. In addition, pipelines from the water supply plant have been connected to households. Furthermore, there is currently no state unit whose expertise is qualified to operate the plant. The district is calling for further investment to early operate this water supply plant.

The situation of abandoned water supply plants, especially at local levels, is not uncommon in Vietnam.

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