Successful rice innovator without degree


Phạm Văn Nhựt, a farmer in Bến Tre province of Mekong Delta, has restored or created more than 10 rice varieties with high quality, productivity and pest-resistance, although he did not officially attend any college or university. His work has significantly contributed to the local agricultural development. Nhựt began to create his rice strains in 2011 inspired by professors Huỳnh Quang Tín and Nguyễn Thi Thu Cúc from Cần Thơ University. A Netherlands project invited him to join a programme on rice breeding and biodiversity conservation. With knowledge gained from the training and visiting key rice-production provinces in Mekong Delta, Nhật restored the OC10, a rice variety that suffered degradation, to provide salinity-resistant rice for local growers.

Source & further information: “No degree, no problem for this rice innovator” at, accessed on 27 Nov 2018.