Ongoing Projects

Catch Mekong

The Mekong Delta offers natural resources for over 17 million inhabitants living in 13 of the 63 provinces of Vietnam. Frequent flood and drought events, increasing salt water intrusion and salinization of soils, limited drinking water availability, unsustainable land use intensification and sand mining, coastal and river bank erosion, subsidence, and the growing threat of […]


Decisions for the Design of Adaptation Pathways and the Integrative Development, Evaluation and Governance of Flood Risk Mitigation Strategies in Changing Urban-rural Systems As a result of strong urbanisation processes and the effects of climate change, the IPCC is warning of a strong increase in the flood risk in coastal megacities, especially in Asia. Ho […]


Empowering Urban Regions for Sustainable Development – Da Nang and Quang Nam Province The Challenges of Rapid Urbanization By 2050, the world’s population will have grown to about 10 billion people, with around 70 percent of them living in cities. This poses enormous challenges for infrastructure systems. Whether it is water or energy supply, waste […]


Integrating Ecosystem-based Approaches into Flood Risk Management for Adaptive and Sustainable Urban Development in Central Viet Nam Central Viet Nam is characterized by rapid urbanization, particularly in small and medium-sized coastal cities. At the same time, the region is facing an increase in precipitation and heavy rainfall events caused by climate change, which, combined with […]

Green City Lab Hue

Nature-based Solutions to strengthen climate resilience of Urban Regions in Central Vietnam Cities are both drivers of global warming and especially affected by its impacts. A large population and energy-intensive infrastructures and facilities in a limited space lead to high CO2 emissions, while the conversion of natural soils and vegetation entail the formation of urban […]


Novel Catalyst Systems from Residues for Use of Fossil and Biogenic Resources in Oil Refinery


Alternative Sand Production and Risk Reduction of Dredging in Vietnam Sand and gravel are the world’s most mined resources. The largest amount by far has been mined in the Asia-Pacific region. Sand extraction is often associated with negative consequences for the environment. In Vietnam, for example, sand extraction from water causes massive environmental problems through […]


Solar-Aquaculture Habitats as Resource-Efficient and Integrated Multilayer Production Systems Proof of the technical and economic feasibility of dual land use for solar power generation and aquaculture in pond management Worldwide – and especially in Vietnam – land scarcity is becoming an increasingly urgent topic. Central drivers are population growth and per capita economic growth, which […]


Transfer of waste water concepts for industrial zones in tropical emerging countries, on the example of Vietnam

ViWat Mekong

ViWat Mekong project is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) from 2018 until 2021. It aims at developing strategies, concepts and technologies to essentially contribute to safeguarding the existence of the southern Mekong Delta; with focuses on coastal protection, water management and land subsidence […]