PM: Vietnam will have necessary legal corridor to implement commitments at COP26


That was the statement of Prime Minister (PM) Phạm Minh Chính at the meeting with the British Cabinet Minister and President for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), Alok Kumar Sharma on 14th February. He also referred that the remaining factors for the implementation of Vietnam’s commitments at COP26 are to mobilize resources and organize implementation, which require huge financial need.

Particularly, to fulfill these commitments, Vietnam is actively completing the relevant legal framework; using one law to amend many laws; studying and developing specific plans, measures, and roadmaps; reviewing and adjusting relevant strategies and planning; mobilizing investment resources for infrastructure for climate change adaptation. For the energy sector, Vietnam is reviewing and completing the national electricity development plan, promoting the development of renewable energy sources, transitioning coal power to clean energy in a proper, sustainable, and fair manner; says PM. Other activities of Vietnam include setting up a domestic carbon market in connection with the international market; establishing a renewable energy center; assessing the current status of greenhouse gases emissions of domestic enterprises and emitters; transferring technologies or connecting with enterprises who have technologies to address expired solar cells; and assessing the potential of wind energy in Vietnam, etc. PM asked Mr. Sharm, as COP26 president, to continue supporting the cooperation of Vietnam with the UK and development partners on the realization of these commitments and the above-mentioned activities. More specifically, Vietnam needs support in connecting with financial institutions and credit organizations.

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