Sustainable Urbanization


Decisions for the Design of Adaptation Pathways and the Integrative Development, Evaluation and Governance of Flood Risk Mitigation Strategies in Changing Urban-rural >>


The Challenges of Rapid Urbanization: By 2050, the world’s population will have grown to about 10 billion people, with around 70 percent of them living in cities. >>


The Central Việt Nam is characterized by rapid urbanization, particularly in small and medium-sized coastal cities. At the same time, the region is facing an increase >>

Green City Lab Huế

Cities are both drivers of global warming and especially affected by its impacts. The need for coupled climate change mitigation and adaptation measures and hence >>

Rapid Planning

Rapid Planning is an action-oriented research project that has been developed and is funded under the umbrella of the Future Megacities Research Program of the German >>


Increasing requirements of raw materials and substantial consumption of resources in the construction industry have posed a risk on the function of the ecological >>


The REMON project addresses the transport sector and urban development of Hanoi. The basic idea of the project is to detect urban transport conditions in real-time. >>


Source: Project SHOTUP

Heath protection is an important issue for citizens and societies. However, urban and transport planning hasn’t paid proper attention to relevant health effects. >>

Urban.Network HCM

The Megacity Research Project focuses on the mega-urban region of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) as one of Vietnam’s regions most affected by climate change. Here, >>

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