Quảng Ninh: developing circular economy projects to utilize mining wastes and post-mining sites


The northern province of Quảng Ninh will develop circular economy projects to utilize solid wastes such as soil and rock, an estimate of 100 million cubic meters per year, generated from coal mining activities as fill materials for local construction projects, which are projected to demand from 100 to 150 million cubic meters per year in the period 2021 – 2025. Besides, the province considers using abandoned open post-mining sites as reservoirs to store water to ensure water security. If successful, it can reach a storage capacity of 1 billion cubic meters. It also cooperates with VINACOMIN and gets consulted from scientists and researchers for suitable technologies to treat mining wastewater, aiming to be reused for domestic and production activities. These projects are expected to not only utilize resources and materials but also to protect the environment.

Source & further information: “Quảng Ninh: Đẩy mạnh việc sử dụng đất đá thải mỏ làm vật liệu san lấp” at https://baotainguyenmoitruong.vn, accessed on 25 Mar 2021