Quảng Ninh: piloting waste separation in Hạ Long city from 2022


This is the decision of the tourist city of Hạ Long city from an online meeting with its communal units on August 9. Accordingly, households, schools, production establishment, public areas, institutions, and other organizations in the city have to sort their waste and stored in two bins of two different color. If not sorted properly, the waste is not collected. Burnable waste and recyclable waste will be collected weekly on a specific day. Construction and demolition waste is not separated but collected and covered to prevent pollution. Head of wards and communes will be responsible for environmental incidents within their localities.

The city is planning a disposal site for construction waste and a new solid waste treatment area for domestic waste.

Hạ Long city generates on average 300 tons of domestic solid waste and 150 m3 of construction waste daily. The newste waste crisis of the city was at the beginning of August, when waste was not collected and piled up along roads and area at the foot of Bãi Cháy bridge for several days due to an unsolved problem between the city and a local waste treatment center.

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