Quảng Trị: waste incineration plant abandoned after one-month operation


The domestic waste incineration plant is located in Cam Tuyền commune, Cam Lộ district. It has a total investment of 7.4 billion VNĐ, of which, 7 billion is from the governmental source for developing new rural style areas and the remainder is from the contribution of districts, residents, and other legal financial sources. The project was approved at the beginning of 2019 and the construction period was two years (2019 – 2020). Components of the plant include waste incineration area, electricity infrastructure, transport, security, and wastewater collection and treatment. The incineration equipment has a capacity of one ton of waste per hour provided by Vietnam T-Tech Technology Corporation. The emissions meet Vietnam’s technical regulations. After commissioning, the plant was handed over to the urban work and environmental services cooperative of the Cam Lộ district. However, after one month of trial operation from 20th July to 20th August 2021, the plant stopped working. The reason for this is the lack of finance for operation. More specifically, after the trial operation, it revealed that the cost needed for the operation (including technical and human resources) was too expensive, up to 1.4 billion VNĐ per year. Besides several infrastructure components have been not completed, resulting in relative operation difficulties.

This situation has led to the overloading of untreated domestic waste surrounding the incineration plant. This poses not only environmental risks but a waste of resources and irresponsible investment. 

Waste surrounds the incinerator. Source of photo: https://moitruong.net.vn 

Waste surrounds the operation house. Source of photo: https://moitruong.net.vn

According to the vice-chairman of the People’s Committee of Cam Lộ district, Trần Hoài Linh, in the coming time, the district will request the provincial Department of Finance to support part of the funding, together with the financial source of the district, to put the incineration plant into stable operation.

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