Release of “Vietnam Open Innovation Landscape Report 2021”


The report was announced on 13th January in a ceremony held by BambuUP – an innovative platform in Vietnam. The report was developed by BambuUP under the auspice of the National Startup Support Center of Vietnam (NSSC), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). The report provides the latest innovation trends and information on what is happening and what will happen in the market.

The major content of the report includes:
(1) Innovation trends in the new normal
(2) Global start-up ecosystem overview
(3) Vietnam startup ecosystem
(4) Industry landscape and key innovation trends in 11 fields: manufacturing, retailing, education, healthcare, fintech, sustainability, logistics & supply chain, martech & salestech, consumer goods, tourism & travel, and agriculture
(5) Vietnam start-up landscape map
(6) Survey of Vietnamese start-ups
(7) Moving forward

Download the report in English or Vietnamese under:

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