Southern provinces prioritize environmentally-friendly LNG power over coal power


The southern province of Long An prioritizes thermopower plant run by liquified natural gas (LNG) over coal-fired because of the more environmental friendliness. The province asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) not to approve the two coal-fired thermopower plants and alternatively propose to construct a US$5 billion LNG thermopower plant. Although the MoIT showed several disadvantages from LNG thermopower plant in the context of Vietnam’s energy supply and the positivity of modern coal-fired power plant to deal with environmental aspects, it respected the province’s decision. Similarly, in 2018 the Bạc Liêu province also rejected the national master plan’s coal thermal plants from its planning and decided for a US-based investor to set up a $4 billion natural gas thermal plant with a capacity of 3,500KW, which is scheduled to begin operations in early 2020.

Source & further information: “Southern provinces want environmentally-friendly LNG power, not coal power” at, accessed on 25 Oct 2018.