Strategy on Scientific-Technological development and Innovation (STI) approved


Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc signed Decision 569 on May 11 by to issue a strategy on scientific-technological development and innovation up to 2030.

Science, technology and innovation will play important roles in developing key industries in Vietnam, with a focus on processing and manufacturing industries, and contributing to restructuring the national economy toward modernity. By 2030, high-tech industrial shall reach at least 45 per cent of the total economy which would rank Vietnam in the top 40 innovation countries.

One main goal of the strategy is setting up a national innovation system. Here, large enterprises shall take a leading role in setting up innovative activities in industrial, agricultural and service sectors. State management agencies will create a favourable institutional environment and policies to connect enterprises, research institutes, universities and organisations.

A system of national innovative centers will be linked with hi-tech zones, residential areas, financial centers, venture capital funds, universities and research institutes.

Another key mission in the strategy is to develop scientific human resources with a high level of innovation and creative capacity. Furtheron, policies and mechanisms should facilitate conditions for overseas Vietnamese or foreigners who wish to participate in this development.


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