Tây Ninh: measures to increase clean water access for Khmer ethnic people in Tân Đông commune


The Center for Clean Water and Sanitation of Tây Ninh province (in short: the Center) has conducted several measures to promote clean water access for Khmer ethnic people located in Tân Đông commune (Tân Châu district), bordered to Cambodia. In general, the Khmer households could use water provided by two of three water supply works of the Center at the hamlets of Đông Tiến, Tầm Phô, and Kà Ốt. The water work at Kà Ốt hamlet was constructed in 2008 to supply water for the Khmer living in the surrounding. However, by 2019 the water work only operated by 53% of the designed capacity because the Khmer people kept using their old water sources as a habit. The Center offered a free-of-charge replacement of damaged or unreadable water meters for households who were already connected to the water supply pipe of the Kà Ốt water work. Additionally, it also provided free connections for households who are located along the main pipeline. The Center also coordinated with Tân Đông commune to raise awareness and encourage ethnic people to use clean water for a healthy community. Consequently, in 2020 there were additional 41 households of Khmer people registered and reconnected with the water pipeline of Kà Ốt water work, leading to an increase in the total number of Khmer households using clean water to 123.

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