Top 10 environment events in Vietnam for 2020

The online newspaper “Môi trường & Cuộc sống” (Environment & Life) has selected the top 10 environment events in Vietnam for 2020 including:

  1. Approval of the revised Environmental Protection Law
  2. COVID-19 pandemic and related waste issues
  3. Historic heatwave and extreme weather
  4. Violent drought and salt intrusion in Mekong Delta
  5. Historic rain and storm in the Central
  6. Achieved goal of growing one million plants
  7. Increase penalties for administrative violations against regulations on water resources and minerals
  8. Inundation in the South and HCM City is still critical
  9. Environmental hazard from small and medium hydro-power plants
  10. Bitexco group suffered an administrative fine of 350 million VND for constructing villas without the license of environmental impact assessment

Source & further information: “10 sự kiện môi trường nổi bật năm 2020” at, accessed on 5 Jan 2021.