US, Vietnam launch new project to reduce environmental pollution


The new project, Reducing Pollution, is a five-year, US$11.3 million effort implemented by USAID partner Winrock International, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE).

Along with the country’s rapid social and economic development, Vietnam faces a series of environmental pollution challenges largely spurred by agriculture, transportation, and industrial production. To foster Vietnamese leadership in addressing environmental pollution, the project will provide grants to a series of local entities to serve as the “backbone” for each collective impact initiative. The Reducing Pollution project has identified six priority collective impact initiatives that reflect strong political will, community leadership, and engagement from private sector partners to address environmental pollution challenges, such as Plastic Waste Reduction in Vietnam (P3CR), Medical Plastic Waste Management, Air Pollution etc.

Source: ” US, Vietnam launch new project to reduce environmental pollution” at on 16 November 2022