Vietnam to establish a retail coalition on reduction of single-use plastic bags


According to a consultation conference co-organized by the Department of Industry and Trade of Hà Nội and Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural resources and Environment (ISPONRE) on Tuesday, 31 March, the connecting retailers will promote the reduction of single-use plastic bags and products, contributing to the implementation of Directive 33/TTg on plastic waste of the Government and Plans 232/KH-UBND and 2632/KH-SCT of Hà Nội. The city determines to be the forerunner in preventing and reducing plastic waste, particularly in the field of production and consumption.

The project “Retail coalition on reduction of single-use plastic bags in Vietnam” consists of three work packages: (1) Establishment and operation of retail coalition to reduce single-use plastic bags in supermarkets, (2) application of sale promotion programs to encourage customers to reduce single-use plastic bags, (3) communications activities to change customer behaviors.

Representatives of big supermarkets in Vietnam including AEON, MM Mega Market, Big C, and Lotte Mart revealed that they already conducted measures to reduce single-use plastic bags and products. However, they recommended, to establish a retailer coalition and operate effectively, it requires appropriate pathways and Synchronous implementation across all supermarkets.

Source & further information: “Xây dựng liên minh các nhà bán lẻ giảm túi nilon dùng một lần tại Việt Nam” at, accessed on 1 Apr 2021