VietProtection Conference takes place in Hải Phòng



Location(s): Hải Phòng


On 22nd November 2018, at Hải Phòng conference center, VietProtection research team organizes the conference “Strengthening Vietnamese Capacity of Civil Protection and Disaster Management – Demonstrators of the Port City of Hải Phòng and the Mountainous Province Hòa Bình”. It is part of the working tour of German institutions in Vietnam after the project kick-off workshop in Dortmund, September 2018.  

The conference gathers German and Vietnamese experts, Vietnamese governmental agencies from central to provincial levels. Especially, Hải Phòng and Hòa Bình authorities express their welcome and support to the project. The conference provides a good platform to establish and strengthen the connection between German  and Vietnamese institutions. The results of investigation and ideas for the R&D phase proposal are presented. 

VietProtection, approved in June 2018, is a definition project within the framework of „International Disaster and Risk Management“ (IKARIM) funding, BMBF’s program „Research for Civil Security“The project aims to develop application-oriented solutions for the prevention, provision and management of natural disasters as well as support for disaster recovery. The focus is on the effects of typhoons and floods on coastal cities (Hải Phòng) and the risks of landslides in mountainous regions (Hòa Bình province). Knowledge and information will be mutual transferred in two workshops in Germany and Vietnam in order to create focal points for the R&D phase. The definition project will conclude with a written proposal for a subsequent joint project phase.

The project is led and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Xuân Thính, School of Spatial planning, Technical University of Dortmund.