Vĩnh Long: US$ 19.5 million funded by the Netherlands for constructing water treatment plant  


The construction of a water treatment plant is part of the US$ 202.2 million project “Vĩnh Long City Urban Development and Enhanced Climate Resilience Project”. The US$ 19.5 million grant by the Netherlands Invest International is to support the Mekong province of Vĩnh Long to implement this project. Apart from the Netherlands’ funding, the rest of the project’s financial source is provided by the World Bank and Vĩnh Long province. The project aims to make Vĩnh Long city more climate and flood risk resilient. Accordingly, it will improve the infrastructure access and connectivity and reduce flood risks in Vĩnh the city. It includes the following work packages flood risk management and environmental sanitation; flood risk mitigation and urban drainage; wastewater collection and treatment; strategic corridors development; and resettlement area development.

Since 2010, the Netherlands and Vietnam signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement on Climate Change Adaptation and Water Management. This project synergizes with this agreement.

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