VNA: top 10 notable events of Vietnam in 2021


The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has selected 10 prominent events of Vietnam in 2021 as follows:

1) Successful 13th National Party Congress
 National development goals by 2025 and 2030 were defined and Vietnam strives to become a socialist-oriented developed country by 2045.

2) General election for 2021 – 2026: participation of approx. 70 million voters 

3) Changing anti-pandemic strategy from “zero COVID” to “dual targets”

4) Successfully conducting vaccine strategy
By 25th December 2021, 86% of the Vietnamese population aged above 18 years old were fully vaccinated and vaccination for children between 12 and under 18 has been started.

5) Issuing five significant documents on party building and rectification

6) National cultural conference identified specific targets and key solutions for future cultural development 

7) Active participation of Vietnam in international cooperation mechanisms
 These include the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of Parties, ASEAN, ASEM, APEC, UN Security Council, UN International Law Commission, and UNESCO Executive Board 2021 – 2025.

8) Substantial economic fluctuation due to the fourth wave of COVID-19 and strong policies to tackle problems

9) For the first time, the National Population Database System has been in operation as a basis for the digitalization of Government and society

10) Securing impressive sports success

These selected events can be watched on the YouTube channel:

Source & further information: “Top 10 prominent events of Vietnam in 2021” at, accessed on 6 January 2022.