Yên Bái: management of used pesticide packaging


According to the Section of Plant Protection under the mountainous northwest province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), within 2020 Yên Bái operated approx. 3,300 containers for used pesticide packaging. From 7,200 kg of used pesticide packaging collected, over 80% were treated. The collection and treatment of used pesticide packaging were mainly implemented by the districts’ departments of National Resources and Environment in coordination with professional units of the province’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment. 

A container for storing used pesticide packaging in Yên Bái. Source of photo: https://baotainguyenmoitruong.vn

The district of Trấn Yên is a case study in the province. After being recognized as a new-style rural area, since May 2021, the district has been proactive in signing a contract with a local private company to collect, transport, and treat used pesticide packaging to implement and strengthen the environmental criterion 17 as a requirement of the new-style rural area. More specifically, used pesticide packaging is collected into specialized containers located on the field and later transported to the transfer station at the communes’ centers. Subsequently, the district’s environment team collected the used pesticide packaging from communes’ centers and the central waste treatment facility located at Báo Đáp commune. Here, a local environment company will transport and treat the collected used pesticide packaging in conformation with the environmental and legal requirements. Presently, the district has collected and treated 2,728 kg of used pesticide packaging from 20 communes. The annual generation of used pesticide packaging in the district is from 600 to 800 kg. 

Management of rural solid waste in Yên Bái is limited, resulting in the illegal disposal of solid waste. In 2019 the collection rate for solid waste in the rural area of the province is only 17.5%. The solid waste collection services are mainly carried out by self-managed teams at the community level.

Management of used pesticide packaging in rural areas in Vietnam requires much more attention. According to environmental law, used pesticide packaging is categorized as hazardous waste. Therefore, the management must follow the procedure for hazardous waste. While domestic solid waste management is still insufficient, many localities in Vietnam face challenges in the management of used pesticide packaging. This is potentially a huge risk for the natural environment and human health.

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